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Brussels Sprouts and Life

So yesterday I made Brussels sprouts, which isn’t very exciting in itself, but I didn’t follow a recipe.  I just threw them in a skillet sprayed some olive oil on them and prayed that they would survive, luckily they did and they actually weren’t bad.  My point is I didn’t worry about the outcome, I just did it.

And I was thinking, “Hey, life should be more like that!”

I want to do things just because I want to and not worry about whether or not I’ll get paid or be in trouble (with the law or worse my Mom.  They’re the only things that hold real sway.)  It’s much more fun to do things without all the hassle of worrying.  Does it matter that I just graduated from college and am now babysitting two children?  Not really.  I don’t feel any less educated or feel that I’m letting all “my potential” go to waste.  I still have potential.  I will always have potential, but that’s for me to develop and act on, not something for society to impose on me.  Having a college education is something that I can’t ever lose.  No one can take it away from me and I can’t un-earn it.  But it’s just another tally in the long list of things that make me me.  It doesn’t define me, it just goes in the big stew pot of Kelly along with high school grad, age-out 4-Her, West Virginian, lover of books and knitting.

In four days I’ll turn 23.  It’s exciting to think about, not nearly as much of a milestone as 18 or 21, but still impressive.  I’ve managed to survive this long, haven’t killed anyone or myself and in some cases that is probably a very big accomplishment.

Yesterday was also exciting because I got to ride a horse.  Not for the first time in my life but for the first time in a probably a decade.  I am going to be learning how to ride this fall/winter in exchange for helping to exercise the horses.  Riding is something I’ve wanted to do since I was little.  I would have been the most ecstatic little girl if I had received a pony for my birthday or Christmas.  And now that I’m an adult I get to make awesome choices like this!

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I’m an Adult!!!

But wait a minute Kelly, you’re 22.  Haven’t you been an adult for four years now?  Why yes, yes I have.  But today marks a very important day….

I have cooked myself dinner…and it turned out delicious!!!!


What is that?  My dinner, of course!

And, in case you were wondering, it was so very easy to make.  I just took time-honoured Blake family secrets (marinating chicken in Italian dressing) and experimental ingenuity (adding a tomato and some onion).   Then I cooked it down and put it on top of some rice.  All in all a successful meal.

Chicken, Tomato, and Onion Dish

  • 2 chicken tenders
  • 1 Roma tomato
  • 1/4 of an onion
  • Italian dressing

Marinate the chicken in the Italian dressing (the longer the better).  Chop the tomato and onion and start cooking in a skillet with a tiny bit of olive oil (or oil of your choice).  Add chicken and dressing, cover and simmer until chicken is cooked through.  Put over rice or enjoy on its own.

See Mom, I am taking care of myself.

Last week my contract for summer theatre ended.  We had a wonderful run and I’m very glad I worked it.  On that note, working summer theatre and being in one of the shows is downright suicide and will probably not be happening again next summer, haha.  One or the other for me please.  I was very lucky to work with Bekah, Jason, and Linda; we made a wondrous team!

Now I get to focus on officially moving in to my new apartment, oh the joys of unpacking…not.  But it will be quite fun to be able to arrange everything just how I like it and clean when I want to (not as often as I should probably).  I’m also looking forward to more quality friend time with my new roommates, Katie and Sean.

So far in the week I’ve been unemployed I have started my ridiculous pile of mending/re-fashioning and drank copious amounts of tea…in the next week or so I plan on going home and helping my Mom weed the six billion bean plants as well as the rest of the garden.  The good thing is that I know she’ll fry squash for me the right way when I’m home, nothing like my Mom’s cooking!

This is a very condensed version of my summer so far, and I’m going to go back and flesh out the details in the next few posts so be on the lookout.

Keep calm and duck on.

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MMM ’13 and Graduation

Alright…so updates!  First off, I have been a little…preoccupied with life to completely embrace the MMM ’13 challenge.  However with a lot of my life stuff out-of-the-way, I hope to finish the month out strong!

I have a confession…I am horrible at remembering to take pictures when I should be taking them, like when I am wearing a MMM ’13 outfit.  But I can tell you that I wore a kinda crazy Hawaiian-esque shirt and a cute 80s throwback dress (t me that’s what it was. haha)

So…life stuff that happened; well the last two weeks I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying t finish all my schoolwork because last Saturday May 11th I graduated!  Now it’s on to being a real adult…hahaha or as I like to put it from

Being a starving college student to being a starving artist.

Which is what I will be for probably a long time…at least until I find another job.  This summer I get to work our summer theatre in the Costume Shop!  Exciting!  Definitely more on that later…when I actually get to start work.

Back to graduating…it was really cool and sad at the same time.  I really feel like I just figured out college and everything I am supposed to be doing there and now it’s over.  Hopefully I’ll figure out what I’m supposed to be doing with the next year before it’s over.  Walking on Saturday was an awesome experience, I got to sit next to my little sister and one of my oldest friends in the department which made concentrating on the speakers a little difficult.  All in all the pomp and circumstance was a tiny headache to put up with considering it made my parents super happy to see me walk.

After the ceremony we went out to Applebee’s which was delicious, and on Sunday we went to my favourite store, Goodwill!  I got a pair of pants, which I was in desperate need of and a wonderfully patterned shirt that I am going to re-fashion!


Let’s get a closer look at that pattern…Image

Isn’t it wonderful?!  I’m super excited!  I can’t wait to get my machine up and running and turn this shirt into something nifty!

As a ‘real adult’ I now get to have the wonderful experience of moving to another apartment, where I’ll be until August 2014.  It’s going to be different living in Morgantown, since it’s bigger than Fairmont and confusing for me to drive around…I’m hoping I’ll get used to it sooner rather than later, I guess we’ll see though.

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Me-Made-May ’13 Participant!

So…I know I haven’t been the busiest little blogger around and that’s for a few reasons.  I’m easily distracted and pretty forgetful…I am sometimes so busy reading other blogs that I forget to do anything with mine.  That’s going to change!  Also I’m graduating in 16 (or 15 depending on your view of day counting) days!  Ah!!!  Totally not ready for real life!  Although I am definitely ready to be out of school.

Anywho, back to blogging etc. One of the blogs I have sent to my e-mail is who I think is quite wonderful!  I wish I had her fabric stash!  She has done several challenge-y type things and I have finally decided to jump on one!  Hence Me-Made-May ’13, which will be embodied by my personal pledge:

I, Kelly of lifeisjustduckie, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’13. I endeavour to wear a self-stitched/knitted/refashioned article of clothing three times a week for the duration of May 2013.

I’m looking forward to participating! I tend to get stuck in the “I’ve made it now what?” camp and hopefully this will bring some garments out of the depths of my closet!

There’s still time to join the ranks if you are interested!

I’m a little nervous about it but still pretty excited.  During 11 days of the challenge I will be trying to graduate…so I will have to be creative and very determined.


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