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Me Made May 2014 is Winning…

So I have discovered that for as crafty as I am I have very few me mades that work for this season/whole/pieces of an outfit.  Luckily my pledge hasn’t been the most difficult to keep but sometimes I feel like it is winning.

Last week I traveled to Minnesota with my parents to watch my brother and sister graduate from their band instrument repair tech program.  It was exciting!  I don’t remember the last time I’ve been in a car for that many miles, even going to Alabama in March only took one day of driving.  I was very good and planned ahead by making a trip to the yarn store so I would have a project to work on.  I bought this beautiful variegated yarn for a tank top that I hope to finish by the end of the month.

The week before our trip I was able to attend the theatre awards at my alma mater, Fairmont State.  These awards are called the Pappy’s after a member of the faculty from some years ago.  While I had plenty of dresses that could work, I hadn’t refashioned anything in a while and knew I could fulfill part of my MMM14 pledge while I was at it.  Unfortunately I was so excited I only have one before picture, after a cut had been made…

One day I'll remember the before shot...

One day I’ll remember the before shot…

As you can see it was a full length spaghetti strap gown which I shortened, but don’t worry I used that bottom portion to add sleeves!

Pose, pose, pose!

Pose, pose, pose!

As you can see a great time was had by all!  And the night got sillier as it went on, ending with an impromptu photo shoot at my friend Tyler’s house.   I think this dress makes a wonderful addition to my refashioned wardrobe and I had a fun time making it.  I hope to refashion some more outfits soon, I have a stack of clothes waiting for me to get my mojo back.

I’ve been a little hard on myself with the pledge, which is not what it’s about at all and I want to start having more fun with it.  This dress definitely helped with the fun part.


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Lace Panel Pullover

IMAG0268 by lifeisjustduckie
IMAG0268, a photo by lifeisjustduckie on Flickr.


Here’s the start of my newest sweater.  My Mom got me this yarn for Christmas and it has just been sitting in my stash taking up space.  I hope to power through the rest of the sweater in about a month, I think any sooner is pretty unreasonable for me haha.  I found the pattern in the latest Love of Knitting magazine, it has thumb holes in the sleeves!  Which is why I chose to knit this sweater in the first place…

I also got to go explore The Needlecraft Barn, our local yarn shop, in Morgantown this past Saturday and it was awesome!  The Needlecraft Barn is packed from top to bottom with all things related to needle work, from embroidery to knitting to cross stitch,  I had a really great time there and hope to go back soon.

In other news, I’ve started learning how to ride horses, something I’ve wanted to do since I was little.  One thing I didn’t realize was how many muscles a person has in their body that they never use…I didn’t know about the muscles in my legs until it hurt to sit down haha.  So far, apart from the soreness, it’s actually going pretty well.  Apparently I’m not half bad at it, and I haven’t fallen off yet *knocks on wood*

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Cow Bench Adventures

So I went to Washington D.C. while I was on Christmas Break from college.  I had exponential fun times walking around with my man.  We took the metro in from close to Dulles after dropping my dad off at the airport.  Have I mentioned how much I love the Metro and other train related travel?  Well, I love trains!  I think they are ridiculously fun to ride on.  They rival my fascination with escalators…movable steps, why do people walk on those things?!?!  While in D.C. we decided  to ride the Circulator Bus to Georgetown, which was a good idea because it’s very cheap only $1!  On the other hand the bus ride which should have taken twenty to thirty minutes tops, took upwards of one and a half to two hours due to traffic rerouting allowing for some quality talking time and random act of kindness to a stranger!  Always a good thing!  While in Georgetown I found this awesome cow bench outside of Ben and Jerry’s!!!  We also saw two rats…one alive and one dead; some of my worst fears there were so icky and creepy!

Misc 026

Look at my man! How dashing!


Misc 025

I was being all fashionable and dressing up for our trip there, I think it was a good decision.

I liked my outfit:

a silver Wet Seal dress,

orange cardigan from my Mom,

blue Target tights,

brown thrifted shoes,

yard sale scarf,

black pea coat from Christmas,

and my hat which I made!

I want to start wearing some of the amazing clothes I have in my closet.  I admit that I am a Goodwill addict.  As such I have a lot of wonderful pieces that are interesting and unique and don’t get worn often enough.

Wednesday Wear

This is one of those outfits!

Hat: Me-Made from Christmas Yarn

Shirt: Black Tank Top from Target for Christmas from my Mom

Jacket: Blue Jacket from Rue21 on sale

Skirt: from Target for Christmas from my Mom

Tights: Probably Target? Not sure, real old

Shoes: Christmas Gift from my Brother

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