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Something to YAC About!

This past weekend was YAC (Young Adult Conference).  It’s a weekend event for adult 4-Hers held at Jackson’s Mill.  I had a blast!  I always do when I’m at the Mill.  I love having a winter camp. After aging out, YAC is my last camp as a camper.  It’s really fun connecting to all my friends that I haven’t seen since last YAC, and even the friends I see during the year.

The best part about YAC is the magical snow that comes to the Mill.  At least it seems magical…it’s so different from my usual experiences at the Mill, in the summertime that the snow adds something special to my YAC experience.  Usually we’re still able to have Council Circle outside, but unfortunately the temperatures were too cold this year and we had it in the West Virginia Building.

We had three classes and I went to Irish Cuisine, Line/Folk Dancing, and YAC Planning 2015.  I had a great time in all of my classes.  I learned a new bread recipe, a line dance to Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”, and got to throw out ideas for the next YAC.  Oh, we also got to eat a lot of bread and have some tea in Irish Cuisine class, best time ever!

Saturday night was the camp dance and I got on the floor and grooved to a lot of different songs, probably my biggest amount of exercise in a good few weeks….maybe months haha.  I took stuff to donate to the Silent Auction this year, but there wasn’t a lot of exciting things to bid on.  Probably the most exciting item was a hand-crafted wooden canoe/kayak/some type of boat paddle, it had the clover and YAC wood burned in it.

Sunday’s announcements were fun.  Even though I graduated college in May, I’m still interested in helping out Fairmont’s Collegiate Club and there were numerous updates and things to look forward to on the collegiate level.  We also have officially hired a new Global Education Specialist, which means that someone is going to focus on the IFYE applications.  Hopefully they’ll be out before I get hired somewhere else for next year, but I can always apply for the trip after this one.

On another note it was so cold that it took my car forever to start, even with someone jumping it.  After we got it started I didn’t shut it off until I parked at my apartment.  The ride home took almost twice as long as usual because the roads in Morgantown were so scary; I saw someone drive sideways, luckily not into me.

I had a fantastic time this weekend and can’t wait to make my world a better place.

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Book Review #2 Bunheads


On Sunday I read Bunheads by Sophie Flack.  If the title and cover didn’t give it away…the book is about ballet dancers not just any dancers though, New York City ballet dancers.  I really liked that the author spent 9 years as a professional ballet dancer in New York City, this gives more believability to the book.  However, she doesn’t overwhelm the reader with technical ballet terms.

The story follows Hannah Ward through a year of ballet.  Hannah knew she wanted to be a ballet dancer since she was a little girl and hasn’t explored many other options outside that life.   All that changes with a chance meeting of Jacob, a musician and NYU student, at her cousin’s restaurant.  We see Hannah struggle to maintain a relationship with a non-dancer while trying to forward her dancing career.  Throw in other dancers competing for the same parts, another suitor, as well as Hannah’s endearing inability to navigate the “real world” and you have all the components for a wonderful read.

I definitely enjoyed this book and would suggest it to anyone interested in dancers’ lives.

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Book Review #1 The Revenant


The Revenant by Sonia Gensler is the first book I finished from the library.  Yes, I really did finish it in less than 24 hours.  It was a pretty fast read but still powerful enough to draw you into its world.  This book is Young Adult historical fiction with a bit of paranormal activity thrown in.

The story takes place in 1896/7 Indian Territory (now present-day Oklahoma).  The main character, Willie, has lied about her identity to teach at the Female Seminary School.  Expecting little more than rough, backwoods-y Indians, Willie is very surprised at the sophistication found at every turn in the town.  Living in the room of a murdered student causes Willie to question her belief in spirits and form a rocky friendship with a fellow teacher who is also a budding medium.  Throw in a mysteriously handsome young man from the Male Seminary School and you have the perfect ingredients for romance, intrigue, and adventure.

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed The Revenant and would read it again.    Any book with a main character constantly relying on Shakespeare to get them through tough times is a must read for me.

I’ll bring more book reviews as I read them.  I plan to number each one to see how many books I can read in a year.

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Card Carrying Member


So many books!

As you can tell by the picture, today I became an official member of the public library in town…and I promptly checked out three books.

I have always loved reading and being in any library.  Heck, I literally lived in the library during finals my part few semesters in college.  I have fond memories of building forts and eating cookies in my old library, and though I haven’t known it as long I’m sure this library won’t disappoint me. 

I’ll put reviews about the books I got today up soon.  I read so often that reviewing the books will be a fun way to keep my blogging up. 

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Obligatory New Year Post

It has been freezing cold for the past few days and keeping my laptop actually on my lap is quite wonderful!  I’m hoping we’ll get a blizzard soon to make up for the lower than usual temperatures, but I’m not holding my breath.

As a new year starts everyone jumps on some bandwagon or another.  I thought of a few to join and wanted to share them…that way when I fall off (or am tempted)  I have it in writing typing that I should stay the course.

My New Year’s “Resolutions”

  • Not buy new clothes (socks and underwear don’t count)
  • Start blogging regularly (twice a month at least)
  • Sell one item a month that I have made

So far I haven’t bought any new clothes, but it’s only Day 8 and I’ve only been to the Goodwill once.

This is the first post of the new year so I haven’t fallen off there either.

And I still have three weeks til the end of January, so I’m doing good on all fronts.

On a side note I managed to do last-minute Christmas knitting, as in on Christmas knitting, and finished wrist-warmers for my brother and sister.  I didn’t manage to get a picture before they left for school but hopefully I’ll get one soon.  I haven’t completed other projects in a while, but hopefully I’ll be able to finish something soon.

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