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I was just checking my e-mail and stumbled upon a video article about the giant pumpkins…

So I went to YouTube and found another video…

Can I say bucket list?  What could be cooler than racing a giant pumpkin?  Unless it was a giant pumpkin boat?!  Just by googling giant pumpkin boat I got some great results…

A paddle boat themed pumpkin…

Or my personal favourite, the attached outboard motor…

All I can say is that I am now extremely jealous of giant pumpkin farmers and that one day I hope to get out on the water in my own seaworthy squash…but back to my bucket list.  I can cross off one item.

That’s right, I got in Our Town!  This means I will have worked with all my professors in some production or another with the exception of our TD Troy.  I felt pretty good about this audition and was glad to be a part of the production in some way.  And ensemble is one of my favourite things because not only will I have a couple of individual lines, but I get to sing in the town choir!  Singing is one of my favourite things to do and I might get to play my mellophone as well which would be really neat…

This summer I got to cross off something that had been on my bucket list for a while- get out of the country.  And those of you that know me are like, “Kelly you did that already, the Bahamas, remember?”

And yeah, I did leave the country but that isn’t nearly the same thing as boarding a plane for a seven hour flight to Europe, well to Ireland but that counts as Europe!  I was so excited to be able to go on the Ireland trip that the eleven hour bus ride to NYC and the seven hour flight were slight obstacles…I mean I did manage to knit an entire hat for my friend Nicole on the bus (on the way to NYC and back home from NYC).  It was crazy exciting!  I felt like a kid in a candy store…it was fantastic.

If you look in the bottom right corner of the above picture, you will see my carry-on for the trip and if you are thinking “Hey!  That looks like a bowling ball bag…” you would be correct.  It is a bowling ball bag and if you didn’t know, these bags have a hard surface bottom which are apparently a red flag for the TSA people…oops.  I thought it was funny but a tiny bit scary being pulled out because of my bag but the lady just poked in it with a stick and let me go…anyway, I’ll keep posting more on here later… 🙂

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Well, it weighs less than a duck!

So this summer I got the ah-mazing opportunity to travel to Northern Ireland for two weeks.  I went as part of a group of 29ish people, 9 of whom were students like myself.  We got to do this because of the WV Frank and Jane Gabor Folklife Center at Fairmont State.  Before we left, the students took this class to focus on completing the research project portion of the trip.  Long story short– Deb Hemler, a geologist at FSU was talking about rocks and the geography of Ireland and she asked us to describe the rocks.

“Well, it weighs less than a duck.”

Thus TeamDuck was born.  I bought LemonjelloOtis at our Target and, much like the Travelocity gnome,  started to document the Northern Ireland trip with him.  I especially like the idea of using LemonjelloOtis in the pictures because I personally never know what to do in pictures so I usually have a horrifically awful facial expression or something similar.

Back to le blog…while this is going to be about my life in general the first few posts will mainly focus on my experiences across the pond.  Hopefully I will be able to cross the pond again with the Honours Program at FSU on their Paris trip.  Keep an eye out for the duck and I…we’re going places 😉

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